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Texas Deep Fry Baskets

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Fact: Everything tastes better after a quick trip into the fryer. Improve your culinary creations with our Texas Deep Fry Basket (just donít tell your doctor we told you). You'll find many uses in the kitchen for these handcrafted deep fry baskets. Packaged as a Set of 2, these baskets are perfect not just for whipping up french fries, but any kind of tasty fried treats. They also make a great strainer for pasta, vegetables, dumplings, and more. Each heavy duty wire basket is made at our factory here in the USA and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made out of stainless steel for lifetime durability, these deep fry baskets are perfect for whipping up french fries and other delicious fried treats. Set of 2. K9000S 0-81849-00008-6 Jacob Bromwell

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