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Ultimate Spider-Man TPB Vol. 6: Venom

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The bite of a genetically altered spider granted high-school student Peter Parker incredible, arachnid-like powers: strength, agility, a spider-like sixth sense and the ability to walk on walls. Now a fledgling super hero, Peter tries to balance a full high-school curriculum, a night job as a web designer and swing time as the misunderstood, web-swinging Spider-Man. After reuniting with childhood friend Eddie Brock, Peter discovers a secret about their fathers' pasts. . .a black liquid that can transform into a protoplasmic bodysuit, curing any illness, and enhancing the wearer's strength and abilities. When Peter tries to continue his father's work, he accidentally becomes encased in the murky liquid and is rendered nearly unstoppable. . .but at a terrible price. This book collects: Ultimate Spider-Man #s 33-39 STAR18855D 785110941 978078511094151000 21594 Brian Michael Bendis;Mark Bagley;Art Thibert;Rodney Ramos;Transparency Digital

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