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Our Wonder Shredders are just that - wonderful! Before noisy food processors, blenders, and as-seen-on-TV gadgets took over our kitchen counters, simple, effective tools like our Wonder Shredders helped revolutionize meal preparation. Its name is no marketing gimmick, itís the real, honest truth. When our company introduced them to American kitchens in the 1930s, the three sizes made quick work of slicing taters and grating foods like cheese and veggies, and today they're still packaged as a 3-Piece Set. Made entirely in the USA by red-blooded Americans, these three shredders are strong and long lasting, and promise to make cooking and baking easier, just as they did for millions of American households. Made by Bromwell since the 1930s, we are still offering these quality shredders. They're guaranteed to make cooking and baking jobs easier. 3-piece set. K2000T 0-81849-00116-8 Jacob Bromwell

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