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An American kitchen classic. People from all across the world have written and shared stories about inheriting a 100+ year-old Bromwell grater, and they remain sharp even after all these years. More than likely, your mom, grandmother or maybe even great-grandmother used this same grater in their kitchens. Our handcrafted box grater features fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces, plus a slicing surface, which makes it the most versatile cheese grater on the market. No cords, no noise, and it's very easy to clean. A true keepsake, our original cheese grater will find itself happily in your home for generations upon generations to come. This is where the tradition and art of grating cheese began. The world's original cheese grater. A timeless kitchen tool since 1819, experienced chefs from coast to coast still turn to Bromwell for their grating needs. K800S 0-81849-00004-8 Jacob Bromwell

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