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All-Purpose Funnel (Large)

You'll be hard pressed to find another metal funnel that is still made in America. Our sturdy, all-aluminum funnels are just what you need to bring back the past at a time when quality was king. These funnels were made almost 20 decades ago by Jacob Bromwell...

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Rocky Mountain Journal

Introducing the Rocky Mountain Journal by Jacob Bromwell®. The blank pages of our handmade leather journals are an invitation to explore our outer and inner landscapes. Whether scribbling notes and numbers, recording changes of the sun and seasons, or...

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Emerald Edition Flask

For our limited edition Artisan Flask Series, we’ve taken our best-selling, American made Vermonter Flask and given it a beautiful exterior treatment to make it as unique as the owner drinking from it. Our Emerald Edition Flask, with its brilliant green...

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Dancing Flame Edition Flask

Since 1819, Jacob Bromwell® has been hand producing flasks that are to drinking what Ferraris are to driving. Our Dancing Flame Edition Flask features a rusty patterned patina that invokes the active flames of a cozy fire. The offset screw top guarantees...

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Jade Splash Edition Flask

This flask began with an idea: create a vintage looking flask with a hint of a green patina, and bits and pieces of a brand new, beautiful copper shining through. Our Jade Splash Edition Flask has been treated to take on a beautiful mottled green patina...

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Earthy Edition Flask

The type of flask you use determines so many factors: your mood, the amount you drink, the type of drink you choose, and more. Our Earthy Edition Flask is for the guy (or gal) who prefers their flasks to be understated. The matte brown finish is accomplished...

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Sunburst Edition Flask

Leave it to the master artisans at Jacob Bromwell® to create a handmade copper flask unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Our Sunburst Edition Flask features a brilliant finish that invokes the era when men headed west to pan for gold. The offset screw...

Only $399.99 - Click here to buy now!

Enchantment Edition Flask

This one-of-a-kind flask is sure to turn heads as you walk securely through serene neighborhoods or arduous, hill country hiking trails. Using a special treatment process, our Enchantment Edition Flask takes on a warm glow like a campfire slowly winding...

Only $399.99 - Click here to buy now!

Sandstorm Edition Flask

Our Sandstorm Edition Flask will feel like a treasure in your hand. It features an understated brown and black spotted finish that will be sure to grab attention. The offset screw top guarantees a leak-proof seal and like all of our flasks, it is handcrafted...

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Safari Edition Flask

Majestic and stately, this custom flask boasts royal beauty that is painstakingly crafted, making it a true gem for collectors. Using a special manufacturing process, our Safari Edition Flask receives a slightly striped, zebra like pattern for a truly...

Only $399.99 - Click here to buy now!

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