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Bridger Copper Ashtray

Ashtrays have been a popular American consumer product since the early 1900s. Proper manners dictate that a good cigar or cigarette not be snubbed out, but instead left burning so others can appreciate the aroma. If you enjoy the ritual and relaxation...

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Ben Franklin Beer Stein

Benjamin Franklin, inventor of nearly everything, was too busy to make his own beer, but he certainly enjoyed partaking of it. So did many of our other founding fathers, including George Washington who brewed his own beer at home. While beer may have...

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Boston Blueprint Carrier

Carry your papers, blueprints, and other important documents in style with our Boston Document Carrier! Made by red-blooded Americans at our workshop in Vermont, our document holder features an historically-correct leather strap and promises to keep your...

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1819 Bourbon Whiskey

For nearly two centuries, Jacob Bromwell® has made a name for itself producing American-made drinking vessels, housewares, and men’s accessories. Now we’re proud to introduce our very own American bourbon whiskey, named after the year our founder Jacob...

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Naugatauk Valley Brass Flask

During the 19th century, Connecticut’s Naugatauk Valley became a hotbed for brass making, with skilled workers from England filling the demand for American made brass goods. Our Naugatauk Valley Brass Flask is a nod to the brass manufacturing that became...

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Special Chestnut Knife

Our handmade chestnut roaster is a fun family tradition during the holiday season, but incomplete without our Special Chestnut Knife. Our special chestnut knife is designed to score chestnuts before roasting, as well as being useful for peeling the inner...

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James Madison Cigar Case

Cigar consumption started its rise in the U.S. by the mid-19th century. In fact, legend has it that James Madison was the first U.S. President to smoke cigars, and President Ulysees S. Grant enjoyed up to 12 a day. Since then, they've become a popular...

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Bronson Pocket Case

If you're going to smoke, you might as well do it in style. Made from pure copper, with no detail left to chance, our solid copper Bronson Cigarette Case was designed, manufactured, and assembled in America by our team of old-timey artisans. Available...

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Elegant Copper Coasters

A well stocked home bar is not complete without a set of our elegant, all-purpose copper coasters, and ours are as nostalgic and unique as they come. Handcrafted out of pure copper and packaged as a Set of 4, our copper coasters feature a cork backing...

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Legacy Cocktail Shaker

The folks at Jacob Bromwell® are shaken and stirred over our beautiful new copper and stainless steel cocktail shaker! Our founding fathers may not have debated whether the martini should be shaken or stirred, but one thing is for sure - if your cocktail...

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