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The Ride Hard, Live Free Belt Buckle Collection

Nothing says freedom like soaring across the roads at powerful speeds. Now you can celebrate a biker's free-spirited attitude with this striking motorcycle belt buckle collection, awesome to wear or to hang on your wall! This collection of eagle belt...

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Budweiser Collectible Belt Buckle Collection

Nothing satisfies like the King of Beers®! Since 1876, Budweiser® has probably accounted for more good times than any other brew. Now it's time to buckle up and take a refresher course in Bud history with a first-of-its-kind belt buckle collection...

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Belt Buckle: Wild West Gold And Silver Belt Buckle Collection

The days of America's Wild West are long gone, the gold and silver rushes are a thing of the past. But the excitement of those times lives on in this spectacular Wild West Gold and Silver Belt Buckle Collection featuring nine wearable custom-designed...

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$20 Gold Liberty Western Style Belt Buckle

Named by an act of Congress, the $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle coin owes its existence to the California Gold Rush of 1849. Now, the bold $20 Gold Liberty coin inspires an equally bold belt buckle that is a Wild West gold rush unto itself! Introducing...

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Wyoming State Quarter Western Style Sculpted Belt Buckle

Just as the powerful imagery on the U.S. Mint's Wyoming state quarter suggests, this vast land is as majestic as it is untamed! Now, wear a gleaming tribute to The Equality State with the Wyoming State Quarter Belt Buckle, a custom design exclusively...

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Montana State Quarter Western Style Sculpted Belt Buckle

The glory of the Old West still shines bright thanks to reminders like the U.S. Mint's Montana state quarter, harkening back to the days when mighty herds of buffalo still thundered across the plains. Now, this coveted coin inspires the Montana State...

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