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Winter's Glow Illuminated Wolf Candleholder Collection

As the sunlight illuminates the snow-covered landscape, the wolf pack emerges and pauses amid the textured white bark of a birch tree grove. Now, you can light up your home with the glittering glory of a wintry day in the wild with this first-of-its-kind...

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Deer Art Candleholder Collection: Pride Of The Forest

With just one look at a majestic white-tailed buck, it's easy to see that boundless freedom burns within the heart of nature. Now, this first-of-a-kind deer art candleholder collection brings the glowing essence of the wilderness into your home, beginning...

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Jesus Christ Inspirational Candleholder Collection: God's Guiding Lights

Share a celebration of faith with all who enter your home with this Jesus Christ candleholder collection and inspirational home decor. Each custom-designed tealight holder in this collection features a glass tealight holder, a sculpture of Our Lord, and...

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Thomas Kinkade Holiday Lights, Spirits Bright Village Candleholders With Flameless Candles

Candlelight, with its soft, pleasant glow, harkens back to a simpler time spent with friends and family at the holidays, gathered around a flickering fireplace and the ambience of candlelight. And what better way to recall a candlelit past than with the...

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Candleholders: Thomas Kinkade Warmth Of Home Candleholder Set

Life's most beautiful blessings are often found right at home, a sentiment beautifully brought to life in acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade's beloved cottage paintings. Now, his heartwarming artistry is highlighted on this Thomas Kinkade Warmth of Home...

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James Hautman Winter's Frost Songbird Candleholder Set

Winter brings its own awe-inspire beauty, blanketing the world in brilliant layers of silvery frost that shimmers in the light. Now, award-winning acclaimed artist James Hautman captures the glory of winter's frost in exquisite portraits of beloved songbirds,...

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Floral Bouquet: Thomas Kinkade All Is Bright Table Centerpiece

At Christmas, homes and hearths come alive with evergreen boughs, red roses, glowing candlelight, and the sparkling radiance of crystal. Now, the timeless vision of Thomas Kinkade inspires the first-ever crystal candle centerpiece in our Always in Bloom™...

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Table Centerpiece: Thomas Kinkade Warm Glow Of Christmas Table Centerpiece

Come home to the welcoming sights and sounds of an old-fashioned Christmas, where the inviting glow of flickering candlelight and melodic carols filling the air add joy to holiday celebrations, with the Collectibles Market First Thomas Kinkade Warm Glow...

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Thomas Kinkade Musical Tabletop Centerpiece Crystal Candle: Making Spirits Bright

There's no sight more inviting than the soft glow of candlelight at Christmas and no artist like the Painter of Light™ to capture such charm - a festival of lights reflected in shimmering crystal. Now, you can celebrate the season with this first-ever...

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Jesus Christ Inspirational Candleholder: Footprints In The Sand

Millions of people have been comforted by the beloved poem, Footprints in the Sand. Shine a light of hope in your home with this Jesus Christ candleholder and inspirational home decor. Breathtaking sunset imagery decorates the glass tealight holder that...

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