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Hemmings Muscle Machines 1:18-Scale Diecast American Muscle Car Collection

With their sleek styling, high-performance engineering and formidable power under the hood, the 1968 Charger R/T, 1969 Pontiac GTO Hardtop and the 1971 Dodge Demon were incredible muscle machines and honored with cover shots in Hemmings Muscle Machines...

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50 Years Of Chevy Power 1:18 Scale 427 Engine Diecast Car Collection

Without a doubt, gear heads and car enthusiasts from coast to coast have enjoyed a longtime love affair with American-made muscle cars, especially the awesome rides created by Chevrolet. Now, strap yourself in and give an all-American salute to the golden...

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 Mountain Dew 1:24 Scale Diecast Car Collection

Popular NASCAR® driver and racing legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is certainly Dewing it up right in 2016. In celebration of his loyal partnership with PepsiCo, he's rolling out three exciting Mountain Dew® rides and you can own each one in this Dale...

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Martin Truex Jr. No. 78 2016 Toyota Camry Diecast Car Collection

Gear up and race to the chase with the Martin Truex Jr. No. 78 2016 Diecast Car Collection, available from Motorsport Editions™. These precision-engineered 1:24-scale die-cast replicas of Martin's powerful No. 78 Diecast Toyota Camry each showcase...

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Kevin Harvick No. 4 2016 Sprint Cup Series Diecast Car Collection

If you're a Kevin Harvick fan, each new NASCAR® season brings with it a chance for excitement. In 2016, make sure you get on track with your favorite driver and bring home this Kevin Harvick No. 4 Chevrolet SS diecast car collection, available from...

Only $109.96 - Click here to buy now!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 2016 Chevrolet SS Diecast Car Collection

With each new year, the NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series™ brings another chance to cheer for your favorite driver, Dale Jr. Now, this Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 Chevrolet SS diecast collection gives you another super-charged opportunity to honor Dale...

Only $109.96 - Click here to buy now!

The Evolution Of The Fire Engine Diecast Truck Collection

America's fire trucks have a long reputation for their powerful dependability. Firefighters rely on these rugged vehicles every day to rush safely to the scene and get the job done, saving lives and property in neighborhoods and towns across the country....

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Chariots Of Firewater 1:18-Scale Diecast Car Collection

There's nothing like watching NASCAR??. The excitement, speed, and danger keep fans on the edges of their seats. But before there was NASCAR, crowds gathered to watch bootleggers race their suped-up stock cars in open fields. Now, celebrate those early...

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50th Anniversary Of Ford At Le Mans Diecast Car Collection

In the early '60s, Henry Ford II made the decision to ensure Ford would be a contender in the elite international racing circuit. At stake was one of the most coveted championships in the world - the 24-hour Grand Prix d'Endurance at Le Mans. Now you...

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1:16-Scale Allis-Chalmers 6070 With Loader Persian Orange Diecast Tractor

The Allis-Chalmers Company was officially founded in 1901 and soon after it became one of the important farm equipment manufacturers in the nation. Among their many achievements were the first tractors with pneumatic tires, power-adjustable rims and the...

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