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PEANUTS A Charlie Brown Christmas 50th Anniversary Doll Collection

On December 9, 1965, the beloved PEANUTS® characters debuted in an animated Christmas television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas™, that continues to be a cherished holiday tradition. Now, celebrate 50 merry years of this PEANUTS classic with...

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Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure Collection

Before they were making flesh crawl as adults, what if the denizens of Halloween town began the nightmare as scary little babies? Now the classic 1993 Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, inspires this adorably ghoulish the first-ever The...

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Jasmine Becket-Griffith Sweet Spell Baby Fairy Doll Collection

Did you know baby fairies dress up for Halloween too? They're usually very shy, but you can always spot them by their big beautiful eyes. One look and you'll be charmed too! Introducing the first-ever Sweet Spell Baby Doll Collection inspired by the popular,...

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Dragonling Darlings Doll Collection

Capture a pretty pixie and her baby dragonling friend, and good fortune is soon to follow. Capture a whole collection of them, and imagine the endless delights! The Dragonling Darlings Collection by fantasy artist Jasmine Beckett-Griffith gets the magic...

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Mystical Warriors Wear Pink Fantasy Doll Collection

Enter a spectacular world of fairy warriors who show that women have strength and courage beyond what is sometimes imagined. These fairies may wear pink, but they are fully armed. They're determined. They're ready to inspire the inner power inside every...

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Spellbound Fairies: The Jasmine-Beckett-Griffith Fantasy Doll Collection

Look into the captivating eyes of these miniature fairy dolls, and see how completely they have become enchanted with the spirit of the dragon! These spellbinding 5-inch miniature fairy dolls are the creation of renowned fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith,...

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Fantasy Art Miniature Baby Fairy Doll Collection: Fairy Sweet Christmas

It's true! Big delights come in small packages. And there's no time like Christmas to prove this true. Now you can celebrate small pleasures during the holidays with this adorable fantasy art fairy doll collection by acclaimed fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith....

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Wizard Of Oz Fantasy Art Doll Collection: Adventures In Oz

They went looking for the things they dreamed of: a brain, a heart, courage and a way back home. But true friendship was what they needed most. Now, a first-ever collectible Wizard of Oz fantasy art doll collection inspired by internationally renowned...

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Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Fantasy Doll

Throughout the history of literature and love, many stories were told of fairy queens who had charge of the magical creatures who lived in the forests. But it was William Shakespeare who created the ultimate Queen of the Fairies. Now, you can celebrate...

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Call Of The Dragon Maiden Collector's Edition Fantasy Doll

This beautiful maiden quickly descends the last stone steps of the tower into the depths of the dragon's lair - her skirt swirling about her. The winged creature that lurks in the darkness leaps onto her arm, ready at a moment's notice to fly off and...

Only $159.99 - Click here to buy now!

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