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Flying Dream Spirits: Native American-Inspired Hanging Sculpture Collection

Legend says that lovely spirit maidens soar in the night sky, their elegant wings aglow with brilliant colors capturing the hues of the sunset. They dance about with dreamcatchers in hand. You can honor this Native-American-inspired tale with this first-ever...

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Morning Serenade Rooster Art Glass Hanging Sculpture

This hanging rooster sculpture brings the King of the Country Morning into your home to rise and shine with each new day. Nine plucky roosters crafted of reflective hand-blown art glass come to call, suspended beneath a graceful petal-shaped glass header....

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Spirit Of Tranquility: Native American-Inspired Spirit Maiden Hanging Sculpture

Close your eyes and feel the power. Let this elegant first-ever Native American-style spirit maiden hanging sculpture inspire sweet dreams in you! The maiden wears a flowing dress, her arms outstretched. She has translucent, turquoise-colored wings that...

Only $59.99 - Click here to buy now!

Ted Blaylock's Sovereign Spirits Hanging Sculpture

Prepare to soar higher than ever before as the magnificent creations of premiere wildlife artist Ted Blaylock come to vivid life in the Sovereign Spirits Hanging Sculpture! This first-of-a-kind masterpiece immerses you in the majestic splendor of the...

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