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Tannhauser Rising Sun Falling Shadows MMPB

In the midst of perpetual war, a far-Eastern warrior sect with a shadowy agenda sets out toward the evergreen peninsula of Kamchatka. Can Union Major John McNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines stop their sinister plot before it's too late?...

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Read Or Die Rod Off Archive SC

The Read or Die anime features the story of Yomiko Readman and the British Library Special Operations Division, a secret group dedicated to the location and protection of rare books! R.O.D Official Archive is your ultimate guide to the world of both the...

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Art Of The Simon And Kirby Studio

The names Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are synonymous with comic books, and their partnership ushered in the Golden Age of comics starting in the 1940s. Together they created memorable characters such as Captain America and Sandman, invented romance comics,...

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Capcom 30th Anniv Character Encyclopedia HC

Established in 1983, Capcom is one of the world's most well-known video game publishers and is recognized for creating many important game franchises, such as Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter. The Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia...

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Secret Hero Society HC Vol. 01 Study Hall Of Justice

Being the new kid at school is tough, especially when your school is called Doomvale Academy and your name is Bruce Wayne. There's a gang of jokers roaming the halls, a muscle-headed kid named Bane wants to beat you up, and your headmaster Hugo Strange...

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Reading With Pictures HC

Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter unites the finest creative talents in the comics industry with the nation's leading experts in visual literacy to create a game-changing tool for the classroom and beyond. This full-color volume...

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Official DC Super Hero Cookbook HC

More than fifty easy, tasty recipes for salads, sandwiches, main dishes, drinks, and dessert will be fun for kids to prepare and to eat! From pizzas bearing logos to masked fruit parfait to power drinks in super hero colors, and an appetizing array of...

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Art Of Harvey Kurtzman HC New Printing

Heralded as 'One of the most important figures in postwar America' by the New York Times, Kurtzman's groundbreaking satirical publications had an immense impact on popular culture, inspiring a generation of underground cartoonists. Without...

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Stan Lee How To Write Comics SC

(W0 Stan Lee In the second book of Stan Lee's series on the art of creating comics, the legendary creator of the Mighty Marvel Universe, sets out to teach everything he knows about writing and creating comic book characters. In these pages, aspiring...

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Art Of Daniel Clowes Modern Cartoonist HC

Throughout his 25-year career, alternative cartoonist/screenwriter Daniel Clowes has always been ahead of artistic and cultural movements. In the late 1980s his groundbreaking comic book series Eightball defined indie culture with wit, venom, and even...

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